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I have always been drawn to the adventure! To the practical and to the beautiful

About Ross Benjamin Wood

Ben Wood, artist, potterBen Wood is a champion for authenticity, purpose, and beauty! He learned in his adventures long ago that beautiful = be you to the full! This is found in his Art as well as in his coaching. “I liken my work to a visual affirmation. Something that reminds you that you are on a hero’s journey, and that journey is full of magic and beauty if you remember to embrace it.“

Born is San Francisco to a family of Artists, his first memory is of moving large brush strokes of primary colors across white canvass. “I grew up painting, and seeing the world as an artist means taking an active role in its creation…I love landscape and plein air painting as I remember going on outings with my dad, philosophizing about the nature of the world and how to share those insights through the arts.”

“I have always been drawn to the adventure! To the practical and to the beautiful. I want everything in my life to carry power, magic, medicine… this has drawn me to pottery and creating handmade artistic objects that we share an intimate relationship with on a daily basis. This is important because it is these little things that our lives are made of! The things in between the things, the time in between the times… life is what happens while we are making other plans. The more conscious awareness we invite into our lives, the more our plans and our lives overlap.”

Throughout his life Ben Wood has investigated performance as: an athlete, teacher, actor, yoga teacher, ultra marathoner, basketball mvp, International soccer player… “These experiences have all given me insight into “performance. Not only performance in regards to the moment on stage but the performance that gets us there. That is the crucial aspect that is so often overlooked. What habits have you cultivated to bring your daily performance to a place that demands success? That is the interesting conversation. Let’s talk about creating our own luck through mindset and small bits of action on a consistent basis.” This is at the core of his AFS group (Accountability for Success).

Success leaves clues. Technology and our social spheres are continually changing but some things are timeless… truth, meaning, purpose, community, love… and integral to life. In his elite 90 day course “Unleash the Wildman: Living your true nature in the 21st century” learn to take the perspective of limitless potential to rewire and recreate a world that embraces your fears and your gifts to leverage true power. “Know thyself.”  

Ben invites you to contact him for coaching, for Art, for collaboration and for fun!

 Fine Art

Like life, I like my Art to be an adventure. To offer a journey of discovery, celebration and beauty. My Art work is a visual affirmation, a guide, a reminder that you can create the most beautiful and empowered life you can imagine.

Available as original art, wall art, home decor pillows, stationary, beach towels and more.