Paint and Sip Pottery at Common Block Brewing!

Paint and Sip Pottery at Common Block Brewing!


May 24


01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

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Benjamin Wood Artist at Paint and Sip Pottery


Common Block Brewing Company

315 East 5th Street, Medford, OR 97501

Medford, OR, US, 97501

The FUN begins at 1 PM so grab your besties and arrive early to get your sip on and let’s make your new favorite wine tumbler or hobo mug! 

You will design your own pottery cup using sgraffito an ancient Italian technique for decorating pottery!

Need inspiration?:

At the end of the event, I will collect them and take them to the studio to glaze fire them. I will then bring them back to the place you made them for you to come back and collect.

Need to know more?:


  • Is it hard to do? It’s very simple but there is some mindfulness involved in that you can break it. Just follow “the rule of thumb” and you’ll be fine. 

  • What is this technique? Google “sgraffito” and you’ll have a very good idea of what we are doing. 

  • Can I just show up without using Eventbrite? Yes, BUT it’s very inconvenient and I can’t promise I’ll have a piece for you. 

  • Are they dishwasher and microwave safe? YES

  • I only draw stick figures can I do this? YES, but it’s nice to come with an idea (if you need one.)

  • Can I buy extras at the event? YES, but most often it takes the full time to make one. 

  • Can I host a part of my own? YES contact me! Great for birthdays, weddings, reunions, work parties…

  • Can you ship? YES, we can make arrangements at the party.

  • *** Can you make special accommodations?*** Every venue is different. Please contact me if you have any special needs before purchasing your ticket(s). Thanks! We hope to serve you! 541-601-0219.

What people are saying:

“That was SO FUN and way easier than I thought!”
“I’m not artistic at all but felt totally successful! The scratching was so satisfying.”
“I’m doing this for my birthday!”

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