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Happy National “Farmers and Crafters Market” week.

This year has been incredibly insightful and transformative.

At the core of it, of course, is the fact that I became a “Full Time” “Professional” “Artist” “Potter”!

They say you become a millionaire not just for the money but for the person you become in the process. I can say that is perhaps even truer for the artist. I am going to share one such value here now in how it relates to “The Farmers Market”.

When I was juried and accepted to participate in The Local Farmers and Crafters Market I was coming with a “Givers Gain” mentality. I decided that I would be trying out every other booths offering and something amazing happened!

We were accustomed to food being one of our biggest costs, we highly value what we eat, but our food satisfaction skyrocketed and our monthly food expense dropped! Totally unexpected right?!

Here are the factors:

  1. We ate less. The food we were eating had much higher vitamin, mineral and well just mana! We didn’t need to eat as much for our bodies to know we got all the nutrients we needed for the day.
  2. Our meals got much more simple. When you have a gorgeous head of lettuce and a juicy sweet onion you can eat like an apple and then the creamiest Feta cheese all you need to do then is drizzle some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and your done! There were meals where I ate only a head of lettuce. I would say my senses for food have greatly increased due to the season’s experiment.
  3. We had more time. Because our meals were so simple the prep and clean up were perhaps a quarter of what it used to be. Not only was our prep and clean up time much much more simple but also we got down to the point where we were eating only one meal a day. Some call it intermittent fasting but I found that I just wasn’t as hungry, had more energy and more time!
  4. It just feels right. As a local Artist serving my community I know what it is to put your hard-earned money back into the community as opposed to a large franchised corporation. Filling up my basket with local goodies and giving cash to my neighbor just feels right. I strongly believe that buying local is one of the biggest most impactful things we can do to benefit the world and make the difference we hope to be/see. Think carbon footprint, local commerce, accountability, craftsmanship, community, organic, environment, love, and care … the list goes on.

That is my shortlist and my insights into saving money by eating better at the local Farmers and Crafters Markets! I wholeheartedly encourage and challenge you to visit your market whenever you can and see if you can commit to purchasing at least 50% of your meal there. I think you will find your health and well-being increase in ways you never imagined!

See you at the market!

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